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HLN40 series powdered nitrile rubber

1. Product characteristics

HLN40 series powdered nitrile rubber is a modifier developed for modifying polymer materials such as phenolic resins, and has excellent compatibility with phenolic resins. It has a good bonding effect, which can increase the bonding ability of the friction material system, reduce the hardness and noise of the friction material product, and improve the impact strength and wear resistance. Powdered nitrile rubber has the advantages of high dispersibility, easy handling, and particle refinement.

2. Main brands

HLN40 series products are high-density, full-crosslinking, high-acrylonitrile content powdered nitrile rubber prepared by high-temperature polymerization, auto-separating agent direct coacervation and other processes. There are four grades, customers can rely on their own Formulation system and product requirements are selected.

HLN40 series powdered nitrile rubber product index

3. Application advantages

The powdered nitrile rubber has a high degree of "compatibility" with the phenolic resin to form a uniform mixing system. Since the particles are fine and have good fluidity, they can "moist" the friction material well.

Powdered nitrile rubber is used as an organic friction modifier. Its function and effect can be as follows:
a: Reduce the elastic modulus of the matrix, improve the fit with the friction pair, and obtain a higher and smooth friction coefficient.
b: In the rigid resin matrix, powdered nitrile rubber particles are mixed, and the wear of the product is reduced due to the soft spots throughout the elastomer matrix.
c: Powdered nitrile rubber is used as an elastomer to have good toughening effect and improve the impact resistance of the product.
d: Reduce the hardness of the product and reduce the brake noise.

4.Application process

China's friction materials are mainly dry mixed production processes, and the process flow is shown in the following figure:
Hot pressing
Heat treatment

Note: The recommended addition amount is 2-9%. The specific addition amount varies depending on the formulation and performance requirements of each manufacturer.

5. Safety guidance

a: Store in a cool, dry, ventilated room at a storage temperature of 5-35 ° C to prevent exposure, rain or heavy pressure.
b: No special safety measures are required when using, as long as good industrial practices are followed. Prevent dust from forming and keep away from fire.

6. Packaging

Carton packaging, net weight 20kg / box.
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